MAGA beliefs survive with twists of language to justify their position.

It is not a matter of saying or not saying that the election was stolen. What is at issue is using the claim of a stolen election, repeated incessantly as a means to attract followers who are lead to believe that harm against them been done with no factual evidence whatsoever.


But they believe it because it is said over and over again, and logically assume that because it is said over and over again that there must be at least some amount of truth to it. Never understanding that members of the Republican party have practiced the tactic of simply collectively saying the same thing, and never departing from stating the same thing to convince followers of whatever they find convient and useful to have them believe.


Simply repeat it over and over, and if enough of them do that then YOU are left believing that there is at least some truth in it. And THAT is the sum total of the pursuasive power of the Republican party.


Not what they do. But what they say, over and over and over again.


Doing this has fueled violence and violent actions that has multiple times jeopardized life, that repeatedly causes people to violate the law and directly threaten the institutions of Democracy upon which America depends for it's existence. Simpy saying something is not the problem obviously.


But simpy saying is not what has been happening.


One or two individuals claiming that an election was improper, stolen or flawed is not the same thing as using claims of a stolen election to inflame anger and promote violent action against the Government.


People saying that an election was not fair, is not the same as engaging in a concerted planned effort with over one hundred senior politicians in participation, the countries' number one cable broadcaster and many dozens of well funded well organized social media accounts, including foreign controlled accounts, to all propagate a single message of ‘the election was stolen’.


So no, saying that the election was stolen still falls under the protection of one or another Constitutional freedom.


Saying that the election was stolen and then working to use that as a means to undermine our Democracy is not.


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