Visited the United States Commission on Civil Rights website and searched for “William B. Allen” or “William Allen”, the search results came back empty. No such person exists at their website.

A regular web search produced a match at Wikipedia.

At his own Wikipedia page, here's what I learned. William B. Allen's Wikipedia page boasts of him having served as Chairman of the United States Commission on Civil Rights. He was there from 1988 to 1989.

Which breaks some kind of organization record because no one in the organization's history has served less than two years, according to their website. That two-year term was the result of a temporary appointment. He is unique in that he served for only fourteen months, where the fixed legislated term is six years.

Worthy of mention is the fact that in 1983 (five years prior to Mr. Allen's appointment), Ronald Reagan attempted to fire three members of the Commission on Civil Rights. After court battles and some weighing in of Congress, it was established that: 'A group of eight people would be appointed to the Commission, half appointed by the President and half by the Congress, with six-year terms that do not expire with the inauguration of a new president'.

So, how is it that William B. Allen served a single year? What happened? William B. Allen has been announced in the news in South Florida as being one of the architects of Florida's 'Slaves as Apprentices', approach to teaching the history of slavery to children.

Not entirely unrelated to this guy, there are other 'scholars' that are participating in muddying the waters on facts concerning Slavery in America. Larry Eugene Rivers wrote a book entitled, “Slavery in Florida”. Which is apparently so inaccurate that at least one historian, James Oaks, City University of New York Graduate Center, wrote a six-page Review Essay on the book.

I read the first few pages of that Essay. Which is why I am including mention of that book and the Essay here.

Also, William Allen's resume is nowhere to be found. He has thus far panned out to be one of those individuals whose actual identity, background, and work cannot be confirmed or corroborated using publically available sources.

All we know about him is what he says about himself.






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